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Discover why 1,167 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
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Exploiting Chaos in the Media
Exploiting Chaos Cover

*** NEW: Revised and Updated for 2020, as The Innovation Handbook

Exploiting Chaos Cover
Without a doubt one of the BEST books on sparking ideas that I have ever read."
- Jack Covert, CEO of CEO Read
EXPLOITING CHAOS is Jeremy Gutsche's award-winning, bestselling, magazine-style book about 150 ways to spark innovation during times of change. It has been translated into 7 languages, downloaded 400,000 times, tweeted 100,000 times, viewed as a 30 minute keynote 1,100,000 times, and delivered as an innovation keynote to 250 audiences totaling 150,000 people. Key lessons include:

1) STRATEGY - Turn chaos into opportunity
2) CULTURE - Create a culture of innovation
3) TRENDS - Filter through all the noise
4) INNOVATION - Increase your odds
5) MARKETING - Infectiously market your ideas

Exploiting Chaos Videos

30 Minute Keynote + Media Clips
In Depth Interview (CityTV)
Reader Review
Publicity Stunt

The Exploiting Chaos Framework

Exploiting Chaos Framework IN TIMES OF CHAOS, the deck gets reshuffled and the rules of the game are changed. To thrive, companies must learn not to create structure and stability, but rather, to adapt quickly.

Exploiting Chaos suggests that the next wave of management theory will be the science of adaptation. Accordingly, this book approaches adaptation using four equally important tactics: Culture of Revolution, Trend Hunting, Adaptive Innovation, and Infectious Messaging.

Culture of RevolutionCulture of Revolution

Culture is more important than strategy. Culture underlies your organization’s ability to adapt, and times of dramatic change magnify this importance. Most likely, your organization perceives the need to adapt, but uncertainty and resistance are paralyzing innovation. By creating an organizational culture of revolution, you can spark a new paradigm for creative change.

Trend HuntingTrend Hunting

Innovation and strategic advantage hinge on your ability to anticipate trends and identify the next big thing. By using the cutting-edge framework in this book, you can filter through chaos and identify clusters of opportunity to focus your innovation.

Adaptive InnovationAdaptive Innovation

Engineers, designers, and scientists have invested billions of dollars to perfect human creativity. By applying the best of their proven practices to your own field, you can think big while acting small. You can rapidly identify and evaluate new opportunities.

Infectious MessagingInfectious Messaging

The Internet has created a world cluttered with chaos, but it has also created the world’s first viral platform for ideas. Well-packaged stories travel faster than ever before. Unfortunately, most marketers are stuck in a world dominated by traditional advertising and cliché. By cultivating infection, your ideas will resonate, helping you to leapfrog ahead of the competition.

Visual Design

Our reading habits have entirely changed in the last decade. Driven by media clutter and our shrinking attention spans, our world has become headline obsessed. Hence, this book is visual and action packed, offering two ways to read:
1. Consume the content front-to-back.
2. Just read the headlines on each page. They flow together and will help spark your next big idea.

Difficulty creates opportunityDifficulty creates opportunity

A bit of historyA bit of history

Crisis creates opportunityCrisis creates opportunity

You can thrive in times of lossYou can thrive in times of loss

Reinvent what people wantReinvent what people want

Keep your finger on the pulse of pop cultureKeep your finger on the pulse of pop culture

Learn the game and start to playLearn the game and start to play

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.""It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change."

Even the clever must adaptEven the clever must adapt

You cannot escape disruptive evolutionYou cannot escape disruptive evolution

DonDon't become a boiled frog

Stay focused on opportunityStay focused on opportunity

Find a way to make sense of all the noiseFind a way to make sense of all the noise

Accept that the world never returns to normalAccept that the world never returns to normal

You donYou don't need to have everything figured out

Press & Testimonials

Axiom Book Award Winner - 2010 Gold Medal in Success / Motivation
#1 Most Popular Book at CEO Read
Inc. Best Books for Business Owners
Amazon Bestseller on Multiple Lists
Available in 7 Languages
Chapter 1 Downloads: 267,439

Inc.: Exploiting Chaos Named One of Best Books of 2009 "Love the book - best book on innovation I've read and I get 10 a week."
- John Jantsch, Author of Duct Tape Marketing

Jack Covert CEO Read "Without a doubt, this is one of the best books on sparking ideas that I have ever read. I read it from cover to cover, but believe that even good skim will have you reaching for a blank piece of paper and pen or a fresh Word document. Get yourself a copy of Exploiting Chaos. It could be the difference going forward."
- Jack Covert, Founder of 800 CEO Read, Author of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time

John Batelle "Visually spectacular and engaging!"
- John Battelle, Co-Founder of WIRED Magazine and BoingBoing

Kevin Roberts "A love potion for relentlessly creative souls looking to break boundaries, ignite customer passion and start a revolution."
- Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi and Saatachi

Inc.: Exploiting Chaos Named One of Best Books of 2009 "One of the Best Books for Business Owners, "Presented in an appealing, magazine-like format."
- Inc Magazine

Daniel Pink Review "EXPLOITING CHAOS is a rousing battle cry for the kind of creative, risky thinking that is most needed in times of change and disorder. Whether you're a CEO trying to stay ahead of the curve, a daydreaming teenager, or a wannabe trailblazer, this bold guide is the shake-up you need to check your assumptions, get inspired, and turn business-as-usual totally upside down."
- Daniel Pink, bestselling author of A Whole New Mind

Guy Kawasaki Exploiting Chaos Review “EXPLOITING CHAOS is the quintessential road map for all those who seek opportunity in times of change. Gutsche vividly explores how remarkable companies have risen from chaos, and he provides a toolkit that managers can use to foster a culture of innovation, create great products and services, and change the world.”
- Guy Kawasaki, Co-founder of AllTop, Author of Reality Check

Marian Salzman "The cutting edge as we contemplate what's next for brands, commerce and consumerism."
- Marian Salzman, Futurist, CMO of Porter Novelli

Inc.: Exploiting Chaos Named One of Best Books of 2009 "Not surprisingly, it's hot, hip and absolutely worth talking about."
- Dave Balter, CEO BzzAgent, Author of The Word of Mouth Manual

Max Lenderman "A work of genius-in-a-flash brilliance and choose-your-own-adventure engagement."
- Max Lenderman, Executive Creative Director, GMR Marketing, Author of Brand New World

Amber Mac "With its visual design and cutting edge ideas, Exploiting Chaos represents the future of business books. Jeremy captures a new way of thinking for anyone looking to hit on the next big thing."
- Amber Mac, TV Host, Tech Journalist, Cewebrity

Exploiting Chaos in the Toronto Star "Chicken Soup for the Confused Executive's Soul."
- The Toronto Star

BusinessWeek Review "The book is a quick read, with lots of graphics, oversized headlines on each page, and memorable quotes."
- BusinessWeek Article / 24 Page Exploiting Chaos Slideshow

Exploiting Chaos in CityTV "What a great installment... a quick, easy ready with tons of insightful facts."
- CityTV

Exploiting Chaos keynote review "[As a keynote] it was the most energizing, inspiring and applicable piece of stand-up I have ever seen. And I've heard Bill Clinton speak, listened to enough Bill Gates on YouTube and sat through my fair share of Tony Robbins CDs."
- The Sun

Exploiting Chaos in Toro "Gutsche has just released, Exploiting Chaos, a book that is, in a word, stunning. And it would be stunning if it didn’t become an instant bestseller and classic, and catapult its young author onto the current guru pantheon alongside trend spotters and commentators like Wired editor Chris Anderson and pop sociologist Malcom Gladwell."
- TORO Magazine

Media Features

Meetings:review: Jeremy Gutsche on Exploiting ChaosLondon Free Press: Jeremy GutscheThe Red Couch: Jeremy Gutsche on Spotting Trends and Exploiting ChaosAxiom Business Book Awards - EXPLOITING CHAOS Wins Gold Medal in Success / MotivationOnSite: Jeremy Gutsche Keynote Review in CancunBNN: Jeremy Gutsche on Marketing Trends in 2010Virgin Radio: Jeremy Gutsche on Trend Hunter Pro and Exploiting ChaosBNN: Jeremy Gutsche and Trend Hunter Pro on the Top 10 Trends of the DecadeInc.: Exploiting Chaos Named One of Best Books of 2009The Calagary Sun: Jeremy Gutsche ProfiledFast Company: Jeremy GutscheGlobe and Mail: Jeremy Gutsche Discussing PotentialistsJeremy Gutsche Completes 16 Radio Interviews, Including CBC Radio, in One DayCTV: Jeremy GutscheNational Post: Jeremy Gutsche Discusses the Book "ItBNN: Jeremy Gutsche on EXPLOITING CHAOSJack Covert of 800 CEO Read: Jeremy GutscheToronto Star: Jeremy Gutsche Jeremy GutscheDuct Tape Marketing: Jeremy GutscheBusinessWeek: Jeremy GutscheBreakfast Television / CityTV: Jeremy Gutsche on Exploiting ChaosMetro: Jeremy GutscheToro Magazine: Jeremy GutscheChicago Tribune: Jeremy Gutsche on ROHTOQueenPublishers Weekly:  Jeremy GutscheThe Record: Jeremy Gutsche

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